Profits with a Purpose

The Challenge & Opportunity

The developing nations are growing at a rapid pace and struggling to expand fast enough the infrastructure needed for access to electricity, water and other critical resources while maintaining an affordable price for the entire country.  The latest analytics technology can solve a significant business challenge but the social issues of access and availability of power and infrastructure will continue the gridlock.  The opportunity with Delta Squared is to solve both business and social issues in tandem.

The Solution

Delta Energy is purposefully going to market with a business enterprise and a social enterprise that in tandem address the challenge with an integrated solution.  Realizing that bridging these worlds often creates conflict Delta Squared is designed to enable each to emPOWER the other.  And of course, extending access to power creates more customers who can pay.

Solving this challenge is why Delta was born.

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Delta Squared 
Δ- Delta’s Vision for emPOWERing Your Future™

The Executive Team at Delta Energy includes leaders in community development who have also built and managed global corporations.  Bridging the understanding and knowledge of both environments makes an integrated solution more clear.   The focus of the social enterprise involves extending access to power through Infrastructure, providing Education for individuals and communities to create livelihoods, and supporting the creation and growth of Small-medium enterprises.

This strategy will be made possible by dedicating a percentage of Delta’s profits into a fund, which can be used to meet the most pressing needs of that community, whether it’s electrification, renewables, fossil fuels, and more. By aligning our business model this way, Delta is emPOWERing™ business and their communities.

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