new-product-graphicAt Delta, we partner with leading Electric, Water & Gas utilities to deliver comprehensive hardware/software solutions as well as offering our technical expertise in different business models delivering definitive technical, profitability, and altruistic value. In particular our software and hardware solutions ensure the parsing and simplification of BIG DATA associated with load, voltage and power quality events. Our solutions emPOWER utilities to critique system wide performance delivering increased efficiency, lowered operating costs and enhanced profits.

Introducing Delta's HyperSprout™


The HyperSprout™ hardware, previously called the “Intelligent Transformer Module (iTM™),” enables localized data aggregation and power flow investigation while establishing a data capture and delivery capability wherever there is power.

Introducing Delta's DataVINE™


Delta’s DataVINE™ enabled smart meter, previously called the “Intelligent Advanced Metering Infrastructure (iAMI™),” establishes a ubiquitous mesh network facilitating automated residential & commercial metering while deploying an alternative data delivery capability.

Introducing Delta's DataSCAPE™

DataScape™ software platform, Delta’s flagship product and previously called the “Intelligent Distribution Analytics Platform (iDAP™),” provides a comprehensive analysis of all grid parameters while realizing an inclusive geo-spatial understanding of utility operations.

Introducing Delta's PowerVISR™

The PowerVISR™ software is Delta’s latest product and allows for augmented reality field investigation, interaction and servicing while deploying a “virtual utility."