For utilities who require comprehensive data capture and real-time utility operational analysis, our HyperSprout™ is a transformer monitor and networking device that forms a ubiquitous, efficient and flexible Wi-Fi-based WWAN mesh, which captures all operational and IoT data.


  • Comprehensive data capture, network communication, and Wi-Fi-based WWAN mesh build-out
  • Best-In-Class Transformer Monitoring.
  • Strict ergonomic and human factors focus.
  • Robust enclosure & packaging.


Utilities around the world struggle with legacy AMI system network latency and bandwidth capability while collecting real-time, actionable enterprise wide data. Our DataVINE™ Wi-Fi-based WWAN mesh network brings real-time data capability and active IoT device integration wherever there is electricity.


  • Industry-leading 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi-based WWAN mesh architecture
  • Proprietary, modular and universal component design
  • Scalable with the DSGN™
  • Optimized for DataSCAPE™
  • Includes Collection Engine device management software
  • Multiple-level security


The average utility is either data-starved or drowning in non-actionable data with no clear pathway towards using it to analyze and optimize its operations. Our DataSCAPE™ analytics platform provides an enhanced, geo-spatial graphical user interface (GUI) to identify technical and non-technical loss, and provide real-time asset health notifications—aiding in overall revenue enhancement and proactive action strategies.


  • Enterprise-enabled “big data” analytics platform
  • Industry-leading graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Optimized for DataVINE™ and HyperSprout™


A utility field technician’s day is filled with constant stopping and starting to access and assess the distribution system—and the utility bears the burden of what happens when resources get stretched too thin. We offer a virtual utility, called PowerVISR™, that provides real-time, in-field asset performance, health and location advisement; eliminating the need for paper service documentation and clumsy, hardened laptops.


  • Industry’s first “virtual utility”
  • Industry-leading graphical and enhanced-reality user interface (GUI).
  • Designed for all components of the DSGN™