This position represents a sub-group of the Software Development team within Delta.  Specifically, this particular position will directly address our efforts to automate our system’s deployment to Azure, facilitate the creation of new environments, monitor resources, and integrate with the current team to fix any issues related with our cloud resources. The candidate will analyze our current system and recommend architectural improvements where possible and will keep up to date with Azure changes and additions that can affect or improve our system.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Cloud Deployment Automation: The cloud engineer will be responsible for creating an automatic deployment of our DataVine system both on the cloud and locally using Azure stack. The cloud engineer will transition to maintenance of the automated scripts after completion of initial architecting and development
  • Resource Monitoring/Reporting: The cloud engineer will be responsible for creating a robust set of monitoring tools and reports for our Azure environments and maintaining them over each software and hardware iteration. A successful candidate will proactively find issues and break down the health of the system into easily digestible reporting.
  • Architectural ImprovementsThe cloud engineer will be responsible for maintaining an up to date knowledge on changes to Azure resources, new resources on the Microsoft timeline, and how best to leverage this within our DataVine system. The engineer will also be responsible for optimizing the cloud system so as to best use our resources and suggesting any additions/deletions to improve the current DataVine architecture.
  • Issue Fixing: The cloud engineer will be responsible for diagnosing and producing an action plan to fixes any issues discovered in our cloud infrastructure.
  • Environment Creation: The cloud engineer will be responsible for the initial deployment and health check for any new customer environments.


  • Education level and/or relevant experience(s): A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field and three to four years of experience as a cloud engineer or four to five years of experience as a cloud engineer without a degree.
  • Technical & Data Skills: A deep understanding of PowerShell. Understanding of Azure Infrastructure. Specificaly, working with Azure Stack, IOT Hub, App Services, Networking, Linux and Windows Virtual Machines, Azure security, and storage. The candidate should also have experience with deploying Azure resources automatically, iterative development, working with remote teams, cloud monitoring, cloud configuration, cloud maintenance, architecting cloud infrastructure, and troubleshooting. The candidate should also be proficient with Python


This particular position will liaise closely with Delta’s CTO, Director of Software Development, the software development team and our international development partners {as appropriate}. Initially, this position will specifically support all cloud activities related to DataSCAPE™ and the Collection Engine.  Later, this position will support activities related to the PowerVISR™ and other DSGN™ applications/devices.  A successful candidate must work autonomously, accepting responsibility for key deliverables against an established timeline.  The candidate will need to collaborate globally across a geographically diverse and distributed team.  A strong grasp on the software development process and the Azure cloud are mandatory for a successful candidate.  A high degree of computer science technical competence is required.

To apply, email us your cover letter and resume with “Lead Azure Cloud Engineer” in the subject field.