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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn about Delta Energy & Communications. I have always been passionate about the promise of the energy sector, but cognizant of its shortcomings – especially in developing regions that need it the most.

The statistics themselves are simply haunting: over 1.3 billion people constantly experiencing power outages or living without power. Further, nearly 81% of the 800 million people in the Sub-Saharan region rely on wood-based biomass energy (fuel wood and charcoal) for cooking rather than modern electricity. The number of annual deaths associated with this method are profound. You can find statistics like this in every developing region; this is why we formed Delta.

Our desire is to help utilities realize the benefits of big data so that they may better serve their communities. Our software solution and hardware product work together to sift through the massive amounts of unstructured data that flows through a network and creates order. These products allow a utility to turn asset performance ambiguity into system efficiency enhancement, predictive cost forecasting, enhanced revenue obtainment and more. To realize our vision, we’ve gathered an executive team encompassing a powerhouse of expertise including over 120 years of combined experience. This experience includes senior leadership positions at tier-1 energy technology companies, smart grid and international manufacturing organizations as well as international engineering companies. Our core competency includes a unique expertise in emerging markets, community engagement and business model execution. We believe the combination of our technology innovation and leadership experience will give us the opportunity to catapult all utilities, big or small, into the era of big data.

Our company is grounded by four key values: Dignity, Empowerment, Transparency, and Innovation. By upholding these values through all of our operations, we are confident that we will give customers unparalleled insight into today’s utility operations. Ultimately, we hope this execution fosters informed decision-making and strategic planning that can promote a better future for utility operations and the communities they serve.

In summary, we are passionate in our execution from the macro to the granular details. We are delighted to serve you, our global customers, and welcome the opportunity to work with you in simplifying your BIG DATA needs.

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