Delta, Helping Utilities Effectively Manage Massive Volumes of Operational Data

Delta’s Intelligent Distribution Analytics Platform prevents revenue loss by collecting, analyzing, and providing real-time alerts in a geospatial view on one easy-to-read map


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electric, gas, and water utilities have a new way to perform analysis of the massive amounts of data on their networks. Delta Energy & Communications’ Intelligent Distribution Analytic Platform (DEC-iDAP™) correlates, analyzes, and visualizes varied, multi-system data sources from a network and provides utilities with intuitive visualizations and alerts to draw attention to critical issues in real-time. By providing real-time data in a geospatial view of the utility’s assets on one easy-to-read map, DEC-iDAP™ provides greater operational efficiency and reliability than ever before possible.

Deployed as a SaaS platform and globally accessible from desktop PC’s or mobile devices, Delta’s DEC-iDAP™ enables utilities to see all of this data on one platform and take action in real time. With this platform, utilities can assign custom alerts to their analysis methods, eliminating the need to check each data set when a problem occurs, and preventing problems before they occur.

A utility can easily leverage the benefits of Delta’s platform by adding Delta’s Intelligent Distribution Monitoring (iDM) module. The iDM module further enhances AMI, SCADA, Distribution Automation and Optimization applications. Delta’s Intelligent Meter Monitoring (iMM) module automatically discovers non-technical loss locations. Analysis and optimization of assets at grid end-points and distributed energy-producing resources also contribute to help meeting operational and financial goals.

Joe Brouillette, Delta Chairman commented, “With over a hundred years of combined experience, the Delta Energy & Communications team has an unmatched track record of helping utilities meet the 21st century challenges of the smart grid. It is extremely rare to find a company that has both the track record and technology to be immensely successful from a business perspective. By allowing utilities to understand this large amount of data that is bogging them down, they are providing a clear path for helping provide better service and benefit the surrounding community.”

Utilities worldwide are handicapped by decades-old infrastructure, dwindling system knowledge, increasing demands from customers, tighter regulations, natural and man-made disasters, and older technology that make it challenging to handle the huge amount of data available to them. This makes it difficult for utilities to fully embrace the promise of the Smart Grid revolution.

“Issues related to managing big data are a major pain point for utilities,” said Scott Foster, founder and CEO of Delta. “In fact, although many utilities agree that big data helps contribute to overall consumer satisfaction, most of them say that it is a big challenge. Delta’s product line was created to help utilities understand and manage the data that will make them successful.

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