Corporate social responsibility

Emerging markets are expanding exponentially, while critical infrastructure and the necessary resources are lagging. Specifically, without access to the Internet, underserved populations are unable to use web-based resources in healthcare and education to improve their well-being, intellect, and earning ability. We understand the correlation between these needs, and we recognize the uniqueness of our solution to address the individual empowerment required to resolve local social and economic issues.

Challenges in digital divides between urban centers and rural districts, and poorly developed and/or managed infrastructure make it even more difficult. With such challenges, however, comes an opportunity to adopt and implement technologies that are best suited for the local market’s conditions, rather than legacy infrastructure used in the developing world. By focusing on new technologies to address these needs and pursuing public-private partnerships, emerging markets can take steps toward prosperous growth and development. That’s where Delta2 comes in.

Delta2’s philosophy is that business and social issues are not mutually exclusive; each need to be addressed in ways that empower the other. Through connectivity—efficient access to energy and subsequent access to the Internet—underserved populations will be able to tap into the vast number of Internet-based educational resources currently unavailable to them. This then empowers users to further develop their livelihood through microenterprise, thus, creating additional customers who can contribute more to the local economy.

Our vision is to engage with global non-profits and development funds to realize and expand this capability in these underserved markets.